God's Final Warning to The World

Sabbath Truth

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The Three Angels Messages are proclaimed with a loud voice, that is with unmitigated power, Rev. 14:6-7. They are proclaiming loudly, “Fear God and give glory to him: for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of water.” (Ex. 20:11).

Sabbath Truth

The observance of the seventh day is a repudiation of evolution. It would be absurd for a man who does not believe in the atonement to observe the Lord's Supper. It would be just as absurd for a man to observe the Sabbath who denies that God created the world. The observance of the Sabbath sets forth the observer's belief that God did create the world according to the claims stated in the Sabbath commandment. The importance of the observance of the Sabbath is more clearly and forcibly understood as we continue to search the Scriptures and find that the fact of God's ability to create, as opposed to the inability of other gods to create, is the distinguishing attribute of the true God.

666 and the Mark

For many people, just saying the number sends shivers up their spines, as it conjures up ominous images of secret occult ceremonies and the cataclysmic final days of Bible prophecy.

The Truth About Hell

Some people are very sensitive to the thought of seeing other people suffer. Small birds, mammals, and even rats can draw our sympathy if we see them fall into a fire or being run over by a car. In the Bible there is a concept that frightens a lot of people. Its about Hell and Hell fire. Some people have even rejected God because of this topic. It is reasoned by some: How can a God be so loving, yet burn people forever? So, what does God really do with the wicked? Does He burn them in such a way so that they burn forever in unending suffering? Let's explore the Bible for answers.

Ellen G. White

Have you heard about Ellen G. White? Well, not many have — which is pretty amazing considering her extraordinary influence on Christian faith, literature, and practice for more than 180 years. This website has been created to introduce you to a woman who experienced a unique and remarkable life committed to the gospel and Christian service.